Mrs South Africa has strategically and proudly partnered with a South African security and defence company that reinforces their passion for women upliftment and who aims to take up arms together in the fight against GBV. This is a landmark brand partnership and Mrs South Africa has partnered with Phangela Group as their new title sponsor for 2022 and beyond. At its centre is a mission to protect women, and empower women to protect themselves, throughout and beyond the Mrs South Africa journey. This is more than a sponsorship, rather it is a way to add value to the women who will be going through this life changing journey of self-development.
Mrs SA Pty Ltd announces its Semi-finalists for 2022
Bare Beauty Mrs. South Africa has announced their 2022 Semi-finalists, as the country emerges from the challenges of the last two years and into a season of hope.

The journey began on 5th March 2022, where 2022 Semi-finalists were announced virtually on the Mrs. South Africa social media channels. The Class of 2022 attended a Self-development two-day workshop held at Emperors Palace, to prepare them for the transformational journey ahead.

Mrs. South Africa is a journey based on pillars of Self-Development, Community Work, Networking, and Business. It has gained the reputation of connecting like-minded women and equipping them for success in all areas of their lives. At its core, this is a platform that celebrates authentic, relatable, and modern South African women. Mrs. South Africa recognises the value of marriage, and the essence of being a “Bonafide” woman.

The program was created for married women who would ordinarily not have such a platform to compete and be ambassadors for South Africa, on a global scale. The opportunities and platform that have been created for Mrs. South Africa entrants are significant in every way, and it truly creates a ripple effect across our beautiful country. Throughout the journey, women discover themselves again, and learn that they are never too old to follow their dreams and become voices of change.
Mrs South Africa (Pty) Ltd is aware of the slanderous allegations that a former contestant made against Mrs South Africa, Women4Women and some of the associates in the business.

While Mrs South Africa respects the rights of all individuals, including the freedom of speech, the organisation will not allow its brand to be tainted by unfounded accusations that threaten to derail all the hard work achieved by the brand, the contestants and all stakeholders, who have contributed to making this women empowerment programme the success that it is.

The organisation’s main objective is to offer married women a life-transformation journey. As part of this self-discovery programme, Mrs South Africa’s brand ambassadors learn how to be the best version of themselves, how they can be the voice of change, and SHOW UP as the strong, influential women they are.

In addition to the skills that contestants are taught, the organisation encourages contenders to engage in community involvement to drive and create a positive domino effect throughout South Africa to empower other women outside of the pageant platform. In the 36 years of its existence, Mrs South Africa has remained a transparent, fair and ethical organisation committed to uplifting and celebrating women of all creeds, race, religion, culture or abilities.

Regardless of the hard work the organisation proudly commits to along with its contestants, sponsors and business affiliates, it is unfortunate that disgruntled contenders do exist, as is the case with most pageants. However, in such cases, Mrs South Africa diligently works to find a solution to address their frustrations. In genuine circumstances, these issues are resolved amicably, and contestants remain lifelong proud ambassadors of the organisations.

Mrs South Africa will always protect its integrity from any influences seeking to tarnish the reputation of the institution that empowers women across South Africa, and thus legal action will be taken against individuals who falsely slander or try to defame the organisation and its executives.

Every woman in South Africa has a unique set of talents, and through its ambassadors, Mrs South Africa empowers its contestants, and through them, mostly other ladies across the country to recognize their power and their passion. Contestants further aid women and men to identify self-growth opportunities and remind them that they are a mouthpiece to create inroads for deeper conversations that will help to create meaningful and measurable change in our country.

While the organization has made insurmountable progress over the years, Mrs South Africa also proudly supports Women4Women. As its official NPO, Women4Women focuses on female empowerment, community upliftment and youth education. The main goal is to improve the lives of the less fortunate and previously disadvantaged girls of South Africa by providing access to life skills and education.

Women4Women’s mission is to ultimately empower “The Girl Child” to have a brighter future and to make the right decisions for a better life. This will decrease teenage pregnancy and increase educated females in under privileged communities which will allow them to improve their circumstances.

Although there is always more to be and more that can be done, Mrs South Africa remains solidified by the gains it has made and steadily persists forward to inspire and emancipate more citizens.

Mrs South remains committed to addressing any concerns its stakeholders may have.

Enquires may be emailed directly to Marlene Reddy-Ribeiro, the Chief Operating Officer

Meet Mrs South Africa 2022, Jo Judnick-Wilson

Jo Judnick-Wilson (40) from Johannesburg has been crowned the new Mrs South Africa this past weekend at Emperors Palace.

Fondly known as “JoziMom”, the mom of two is an entrepreneur and content creator with a Bachelors degree in Communication Science.


WHAT: Entry Requirements changed
Mrs. South Africa extends entry age to 55

This acclaimed women empowerment program has become synonymous with strong, capable and empathetic women making a difference in their communities. Now, the beauty pageant, that promotes successful married women, is opening its entry requirements to include women up to the age of 55.

“We at Mrs. South Africa have been very conscious and supportive of the breaking of stereotypes that hold women back. Ageism is one such stigma that we want to shatter. Some of our most powerful and influential entrants are those that have the kind of experience that only comes with age. They add so much value to the program, and there is no reason why our next Mrs. South Africa should be defined by her age”, says CEO, Joani Johnson.

This decision was made on Friday 21 January 2022, at the first sitting of the newly formed Board of Directors of Mrs. South Africa which includes Marlene Reddy-Ribeiro (COO of Mrs. South Africa and former 2nd Princess), Jacqueline Ferns (Mrs. South Africa 2020), Joani Johnson (CEO of Mrs. South Africa), Matapa Maila (Mrs. South Africa 2019), Ellenore Meyer (Medical Doctor and former Mrs. South Africa Finalist).

The 2022 entries are currently open on and entries close on Monday 28th February 2022 17h00. The entry requirements are as follows:
  • Between the ages of 25 and 55 in 2022
  • Be legally married with marriage certificate from Home Affairs
  • Be in possession of a valid South African ID
  • Have your SA Passport & SA Driver’s License
  • No weight, height or tattoo restrictions apply
We were thrilled to host some of our former Queens during Pageant week in November 2021
Clockwise from top: Matapa Maila (2019); Jacqueline Ferns (2020); Annette Kasselman (2006); Thenji Mdluli (2020); Marelize Steyn-Earl (2002); Hlengiwe Twala (2017); Teresa Trozkie (1999); Nicole Capper (2018); Joani Johnson (2009) with our reigning Queen , Jo Judnick-Wilson in the centre
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  • Part 2
  • Between the ages of 25 and 55
  • Be legally married
  • Be in possession of a valid South African ID
  • Have your SA Passport & SA Drivers Licence
  • No weight or height restrictions